Maillardet's Automaton

Featuring Andrew Baron's ground-breaking restoration

of the Maillardet Automaton & his contributions to Hugo

Maillardet Automaton Magazine Article Series, published in the NAWCC Bulletin,
the journal of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors

First Installment

Describing the spectator’s experience viewing a live demonstration of the Maillardet automaton, followed by a summary of the state-of-the-art development of the Writer-Draftsman automaton.

Second Installment

Several issues preventing safe operation are resolved. Pictures and a description of how the remedies were accomplished are included. This work set the stage for actual live testing of the automaton’s capabilities.

Third Installment

This segment features the first glimpse of the automaton’s drawing, and how notable improvements were accomplished. Also, a detailed account of how the lost original animation of the head and eyes.

Fourth Installment

Exquisite programming of the automaton’s amazingly life-like mannerisms is described, along with how the original designers accomplished this feat. Concludes with program selection philosophy.